Ceylon Wild Old Tree Black Tea 'Rod'


A wonderfully unique bagless tea bag tea, it has a smooth and sweet taste with ripe plum and molasses notes which linger in the mouth.

A tea as unique as it gets in more way than one! The leaves are collected from a former tea estate called Warnagala which was planted over 140 years ago and abandoned for 130 years. The abandoned Assamica tea bushes have since become trees which are now 40-50 feet (12-15 meters) in height.

Sourced direct from Forest Hill Tea, a Sri Lankan tea producer who have invested heavily in creating a sustainable tea industry in the local area in the foothills of Adam's Peak.

They were established with the explicit goal of maximising local income generation while promoting environmental stewardship. To that end they:

  • Employ local women in their tea factory and profit share with them
  • Pay premium prices to local small holder farmers for their tea leaves
  • Encourage the farmers to preserve and restore the local forest

Tasting Notes:
- Unique form factor
- Smooth texture
- Sweet lingering ripe plum and molasses notes

Harvest: July 2023

Origin: Foothills of Adam's Peak, Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka
Elevation: 2900 feet
Sourced: Direct from the farmer

Brewing Advice:
- Heat water to roughly 95°C/203°F
- Use 1 rod per large mug/teapot
- Brew for 3-5 minutes

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