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2018 What-Cha 'Lao Shu Bai Cha 2' Raw Puerh Cake

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A strong tasting tea possessing an apricot/stone fruit taste, sweet hints, and bitter finish.

The tea's unique taste is as a result of it being produced purely from Camellia taliensis, a close relative of Camellia sinensis. The main difference is the size of the flower and leaves with C. taliensis possessing very large leaves and hairy white buds.

This is the sequel to our very first cake pressed for us and features our very own What-Cha wrapper and nei fei! A huge thanks to Scott Wilson for managing the whole process and making it possible.

Pu-erh Type: Sheng (Raw)
Tree Age: Old Arbor (100+ years)
Tea Variety: Taliensis
Origin: Ye Zhu Tang village, Jing Gu county, Yunnan, China
Elevation: 1,800-1,900m

Puerh Label: What-Cha
Producer: Scott Wilson
Harvest Date: Autumn 2018
Cake Weight: 100g

2018 November – 2019 July: Pressed in Yunnan and left to air out post-pressing
2019 July – 2019 September: At Sea!
2019 September – Present: London stored


Type: Puerh Tea