Intro to Tea Collection


Scented Tea Add On

This collection has been assembled with the goal of introducing those new to loose leaf tea, to the vast and somewhat daunting world of loose leaf tea, which can vary drastically based upon countless factors such as processing style and geography.

I have updated the set to offer the option of adding three extra scented teas to the set, as scented teas are not to everyone's taste, I have left it as a choice for the customer.

The fixed set is comprised of 25g samples of the following eight teas:

Green Tea - The most delicate of teas, typified by its vegetal and grassy taste, one to pay careful attention to when preparing.

Korea Dong Cheon Daejak Semi-Wild Green Tea

Japan Obubu 'Sencha of the Summer Sun' Green Tea

Oolong Tea - The most diverse tea type which can vary tremendously with different degrees of oxidation and roast.

Taiwan Four Seasons 'Red Pearl' Oolong Tea

Taiwan Four Seasons Oolong Tea

Vietnam GABA High Mountain Oolong Tea

Black Tea - The most famous tea type, known for its fuller taste.

India Assam Prithvi Small-Holder 'Golden Tippy' Black Tea

Nepal First Flush Pearl Black Tea

Taiwan 'Mi Xiang' Honey Black Tea

The following three scented teas can be added as a selectable extra:

Thailand 'Jin Xuan' Sticky Rice Oolong Tea

Taiwan 'Jin Xuan' Milk Oolong Tea

Taiwan 'Jin Xuan' Jasmine Oolong Tea


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