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2018 What-Cha 'White Label' Raw Puerh Cake

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I'm very excited to offer the very first 'White Label' puerh cake on What-Cha which was sourced direct from the farmer who presses their own cakes.

Given the level of misinformation surrounding the age and origin of the trees puerh is picked from, I've decided to market this tea as a 'white label' cake and provide no information on it other than the harvest date.

Smoother than your typical young sheng puerh, it makes for a good candidate for drinking now rather than ageing, it has a punchy apricot taste with a gentle bitterness.

Pu-erh Type: Sheng (Raw)

Puerh Label: What-Cha
Producer: -
Harvest Date: Spring 2018
Cake Weight: 200g

2018 Spring: Processed and pressed
2018 – Present: London stored


Category: Puerh Tea

Type: Puerh Tea