China Fujian Jasmine Black Tea

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After years of searching, I've found a Jasmine scented black tea of the quality I've been looking for. The tea base is a high quality Fujian black scented with the best Jasmine harvest which occurs in the Summer.

It wonderfully combines the smooth sweetness of the tea base with the sweet florality of the jasmine.

Tasting Notes:
- Very smooth texture
- Sweet floral jasmine taste which lingers
- No traces of astringency or malt

Tea Harvest: Spring, March 20th 2020
Jasmine Harvest: Summer, July 2020

Origin: Three Rivers village, Fujian, China
Altitude: 1,100m

Sourced: Specialist Fujian tea wholesaler

Brewing Advice:
- Heat water to roughly 90°C/194°F
- Use 2 teaspoons per cup/small teapot
- Brew for 3-4 minutes

Packaging: Resealable ziplock bag


Type: Black Tea