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China Fujian Zhangping Premium Oolong Tea Cake


I'm excited to offer the 'top grade' Zhangping oolong cake, purchased direct from one of the producers in Nanyang village. It has an incredible floral aroma and taste with a creamy texture.

Zhangping Shui Xian is the only oolong tea which has traditionally been pressed into a cake, a practice which dates back for well over a century.

Each cake is roughly 9g in weight.

Tasting Notes:
- Smooth texture
- Strong floral aroma and taste

Origin: Nanyang village, Zhangping, Fujian, China
Produced: Autumn, late August 2020
Cultivar: Shui Xian
Roast: Light roast
Sourced: Direct from the producer

Brewing Advice:
- Heat water to roughly 90°C/194°F
- Use half a cake per cup/small teapot or one cake for a large teapot.
- Brew for 30-45 seconds

Packaging: Cakes are individually wrapped in paper, which are packaged in a foil bag

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