China Yunnan Jingmai 'Unroasted' Oolong Tea

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A completely unique tea which is very much like a cross between an oolong and pu'erh. It features a sweet lingering floral taste with a gentle bitterness typically found in young pu'erh.

Produced from leaves which are usually destined for pu'erh cakes, the unique processing as an oolong offers the best of both worlds, by bringing out many of the pu'erh characteristics while rounding out the tea and making it perfect for immediate drinking.

Tasting Notes:
- Strong aroma
- Smooth sweet lingering taste
- Floral notes with gentle bitterness

Harvest: Spring 2016

Origin: Near Da Ping Zhang, Jingmai, Yunnan, China
Altitude: 1,500-1,600m
Organic: No
Tea Garden: Natural

Variety: Zhong Xiao Ye Zhong (Small/Medium leaf)
Tree Age: 5 to 70 years old

Sourced: Direct from the producers Yubai and William Osmont
Percentage of price going back to the farmer: 40%+

Brewing Advice:
- Heat water to roughly 90°C/194°F
- Use between half to one Dragon Ball per cup/small teapot
- Brew for 15-30 seconds

Packaging: Each Dragon Ball wrapped in paper


Type: Oolong Tea