India Darjeeling Autumn Flush Gopaldhara Red Thunder Gold Black Tea



Gopaldhara Red Thunder Gold is a truly special and unique tea from Darjeeling which posses a brilliant sweet taste with floral tones much like those found in a red wine.

The tea's unique taste is as a result of the leaves being subject to freezing temperatures due to its high elevation growth combined with late season picking, the frost causes leaves to wilt and fermentation begins at a slow rate while the leaves are still attached to the plant.

This unique tea is produced in very limited quantities each year and we are proud to offer the even rarer Red Thunder 'Gold' which possesses a higher golden tip content which imbues a sweeter and smoother taste.

The tea has been sourced direct from Gopaldhara tea estate in Darjeeling, located in Mirik Valley and one of the highest tea estates in Darjeeling at an elevation of 1,700m to 2,100m with gardens totalling 320 hectares.

Tasting Notes:
- Smooth texture
- Brilliant sweet taste with floral and fruit tones
- Similarities in taste to a fine red wine

Harvest: Autumn Flush, November 2023
Invoice: EX-65

Origin: Gopaldhara Tea Estate, Darjeeling, India
Direct from Gopaldhara
Percentage of price going back to Gopaldhara: 25%+

Cultivar: AV2

Brewing Advice:
- Heat water to roughly 95°C/203°F
- Use 1-2 teaspoons per cup/small teapot
- Brew for 2-3 minutes

Packaging: Resealable ziplock bag

Independent Review:
Diary of a Northern Teaist


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