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Japan Wazuka 'Samidori' Matcha



A splendid matcha produced from the Samidori cultivar with a rich umami taste accompanied by a gentle sweetness and banana and rosemary hints.

Produced from ground Tencha from the first harvest of the year with 3-4 weeks of shading, making it one of the highest grades of Matcha.

Sourced via Obubu, neighbours of Tecchan.

Save 10% when buying 100g units.

Harvest: Spring, June 2020
Grinded to Matcha: January 2021
Cultivar: Samidori
Origin: Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Farmer: Tecchan

Packaging: Matcha packaged in sealed foil bag in Japan which is placed in a resealable foil bag in London

Collections: 2021 Harvest Tea, Matcha, Out of Stock but returning

Category: 2021 Harvest, Japan Matcha Tea

Type: Unknown Type

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