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Vietnam 'Wild Seed Grown' Black Tea

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A unique new tea created by marrying Taiwanese black tea production techniques with the unique wild tea genetic stock of North Vietnam. 

The tea has a smooth taste with no bitterness or astringency, with notes of berries, malt and menthol.

Tea seeds from wild growing tea trees were collected from various ethnic minority communities in the mountainous areas of of Yen Bai, Ha Giang in North Vietnam and were then planted in a high mountain Lam Dong tea estate. The resultant tea plants which have grown from the wild seeds, have now matured and were hand picked to produce this unique new tea, processed by Taiwanese tea experts with Taiwanese machinery in the Taiwanese black tea style to create a unique new tea.

Tasting Notes:
- Smooth texture
- Notes of berries, malt and menthol
- No bitterness or astringency

Harvest: Spring, April 2021
Tea Varietal: Grown from seeds collected from indigenous wild North Vietnamese trees
Origin: Phuc Tho, Lam Ha, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
Altitude: 1,000m

Sourced: Direct from the producer

Brewing Advice:
- Heat water to roughly 95°C/203°F
- Use 2-3 teaspoons per cup/small teapot
- Brew for 2-3 minutes

Packaging: Resealable ziplock bag


Type: Black Tea